Grilling And BBQ Tips and Tricks


Are you planning to have a perfect grill for our family and friends? There are few simple tips from which you can get the most out of your BBQ party. It won’t only help you in planning efficiently, but it will also add a little fun element to it. After all, what’s there without a little thrill to it.

The Golden Rule of Barbecue Ingredients

Pork: must be cooked until full ripening to eat, should choose ribs, waist, buttocks fresh and slightly with some fat pork so that the roasted meat will not be too dry.

Beef: can choose bovine rib ribs, fresh and ductile; the bovine shoulder is the most conducive to tender roast meat, beef should not be roasted to full cooked food, will destroy the tender meat.

Chicken: Any part is good material for a barbecue.
If you soak in lemon water before the barbecue, sprinkle some starch, it will make the meat more tender.

Seafood: Everything is OK, but be sure to choose Fresh. Fresh seafood is dense and elastic, and the seafood from the fridge should not be pickled for more than 30 minutes before the barbecue.

When roasting squid rolls, brush a thin layer of egg yolk on top, the color will be more beautiful, taste better. Clams and fillets in the barbecue, it is best to wrap up with tinfoil, so it is not easy to scorch the skin of the fish, but also easy to store delicious soup.

Use Fresh Ingredients

Prefer fresh ingredients, meat, vegetables, fruits, herbs. Do not forget the basic hygienic rules, including clean hands and all used equipment. Do not underestimate the preparation of raw materials (washing vegetables and fruits) and the grilling environment. Improvisation does not pay.

Marinate With Herbs

Marinating will give the food a taste and color, and even reduce the risk of creating some harmful substances. For example, marinades with simple sugars and fresh spices/herbs with high antioxidant content at high temperature limit the production of heterocyclic amines in meat.

Keep an Eye On Marinating Temperatures

Always prepare a newly used marinade, in any case, do not reuse it. Marinating at refrigerator temperature, especially if you need to marinate for a longer period of time (in a matter of hours). Before grilling, allow the heat to level in the room within thirty minutes, so the meat will not suffer a thermal shock and be more fragile and juicy.

Tame The Flame

Keep a fire extinguisher well within reach in case of a mishap. Make sure that the grill lies away from the porches and trees and it is placed on a fireproof surface. Another trick would be to store lighter fluid away from the flame.

Light It Right

Be careful while lighting up the grill. It is best to open up the lid before you turn on the gas so that you can prevent any dangerous mishap to take place. Let the gas disappear a little before lighting the grill. You can check this video too for more detail.


Be Prepared

Better be prepared than be sorry. It is really important to keep the kids and pets away as and have everything in handy. It is also very important to not let the grill unattended.

Preheat The Grill

Instead of cooking the food right away preheat the fire by holding the hand a little above the grill to check for the temperature. When the fire is hot enough, somewhere around three Mississippi will force you to pull away from your hand.

Direct Roasting and Indirect Roasting

To bake directly means to put your food directly on the fire. This method is suitable for small pieces, soft or suitable for rapid cooking of food, such as shrimp, chicken breasts, hamburgers, fish chops and most of the vegetables; indirect roasting.

This method refers to the use of food in containers, or wrapped in tin paper, placed in a moderately balanced place to cook, suitable for large, oily or hard ingredients, such as the whole rib, a whole chicken, or onions, potatoes.